Parking is not permitted in the Broughton Village Centre on the Garstang Road, north of the Pinfold through the crossroads up to the Co-op.

At the crossroads, the No Parking Zone stretches west along Woodplumpton Lane to Downing Close and east along Whittingham Lane to the roundabout. There is signage at both ends but only small signs in the actual zone. It is not Double Yellow lined, due to the type of signage, but it operates the same way.

Parking is not permitted either fully or partly on pavements, engines should not be left running and driveways or roads must not be partly or fully blocked.

If you see a problem REPORT IT! -


The Garstang Road/Woodplumpton Lane/Whittingham Lane through the Village is a 20mph zone. The Parish Council has reported this to the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership (report number 6278) Its progress can be monitored at:

Op SNAP is a Police response to the increasing submissions of video and photographic evidence from members of the public in relation to witnessed driving offences. Op Snap will investigate offences of Dangerous Driving, Driving without Due Care and Attention, Careless Driving, using a mobile phone, not wearing a seat belt, contravening a red traffic light, contravening solid white lines, and other offences where the driver is clearly not in proper control of the vehicle.

If you have some dash-cam or mobile phone footage you would like to submit you can do so at:


Report the problem to Lancashire County Council if it meets the required level for work:

  • 40mm deep or over if on a road
  • 25mm deep or over if on a footway (pavement) or crossing

Other issues and concerns

Email the parish council through the website;

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